headquaters ma48 | vienna 22 | 2002-2005 competition 1. place

to accommodate 285 new employees, the current high-rise building is completely restructured. an extension is added in the form of an orange glass conference box with an urban signal function. derived from the internal operational sequence the main concourses are divided into a public and a private area, which are subdivided into communication areas, waiting spaces and meeting rooms.

invited competition  1st prize

Further information

Brief Office building, offices und engineering rooms with restaurant, restructuring and new built
Client MA 19, MA 34, MA 48, Vienna, Austria  
Architecture Design HOLODECK architects
  Project team Marlies Breuss, Michael Ogertschnig, 
Marc Spinner, Manuel Garcia Barbero
Consultants As-built planning
Construction adviser
Accompanying control
Aigner/Müller, Vienna
Riesenhuber, Vienna
Pollak, Vienna 
Scope of work HOA/A, §3 (1), (2)  
Dimension euro 4.860.000 adaption and 3.500.000 climate cover, 
gross area 9.774 sqm, building area 1.011 sqm